“image/words is just what it sounds like: a simple iPad App to put words on top of images. We like.”
—Design Observer

“I have more than 70 apps on my iPad, and this really is one of my favorites!”
—B. Hirschi, Ocala, FL

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The App

image/words is a simple tool for artists and visual people. Just choose a photo from your album (or from one of our publicly hosted images), add freeform text and you’re done! Experiment with your text, thoughts or poems. The text can be large, small, transparent or opaque, colorful and with a variety of fonts.

When you’re done and happy with your creation, make an iPad™ slideshow of all your hard work. If your friends are too far away to hand your iPad over to them, you can email them or share on Facebook straight from the app. And if you just want to take your images and go home, save them to your library—the high resolution images you sync via iTunes will retain their size.

When you’re not feeling creative or when your cats aren’t doing anything particularly funny, image/words connects you to our library of images with texts to get you started. We plan future updates that will provide additional and more refined typographical controls and a universal version that will work on an iPhone.


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My desire to create this app comes through my own fascination of combining images with text, first on film, then using a computer, and now on the iPad. The tactile experience of moving text freely on the screen is unmatched.

There is a long history of artists working with text over paintings or photos. My favorite and most inspiring is Ed Ruscha, though others, like Jenny Holzer and Bruce Nauman also come to mind. They all share a fascination with language as a communication and visual medium. It’s my hope that this app will inspire people to create more with their images, and with their thoughts.

—Alon Koppel, fusionlab back to top

About Us

image/words was created by fusionlab, an integrated media design firm located in NYC. We have extensive experience creating mobile iPad and iPhone apps for a variety of companies such as Thomson Reuters, Business Insider, among others.

image/words is our first app release. It was designed and programmed solely in the U.S.A.

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